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Certified with the CE mark

​It is the heart of our company

Here the centralized production of our products takes place, combined with constant research to obtain the best recipes for each of them. Inside the laboratory we implement rigorous standards and controls to guarantee the excellence of everything we produce.

The laboratory contributes to the consolidation of our reputation in the food and health sectors. It represents the fruit of years of experience, dedication and commitment.

We are proud to be able to guarantee the safety, traceability, quality and authentic taste of every product that leaves our production lines.


A place of synergies

Multiple offices work together to ensure the success and growth of our company, sharing a common vision and working closely together. The atmosphere you breathe is positive and motivating: the collaboration and the union they are the fundamental ingredients for building a solid, resilient company capable of facing challenges with determination. Working in synergy is not just a strategic choice, but a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our company: we believe that the diversity of skills and perspectives is an added value and that, together, working with passion and harmony we can achieve extraordinary results. Among the main sectors within our company:

• Administration, • Production, • Logistics, • Quality control and safety, • Commercial, • Communication and marketing. 

Each plays their own crucial role in the overall success, working together to achieve business goals and meet customer needs.

Quality of the raw material

In an increasingly connected world, there is unique value in local resources that reflect the authenticity and identity of a region. We at Rumori are deeply committed to identifying, working on and enhancing the quality raw materials that our land offers us.

Our mission is simple but ambitious: collaborate with local companies and certified suppliers, offering raw material processing services that add value to our production process.

It all begins with the meticulous selection of ingredients: we only use meat prepared in Italy in compliance with European regulations and without GMOs; we work with bakers and dairies in our area, to promote the local economy and greater collaboration between companies; the vegetables are purchased fresh from a local fruit and vegetable shop and are treated individually as required by our company operating manuals.

Artisanal production

The products are prepared handcrafted in our production laboratory, where we put into practice our dedication to transforming raw materials and resources into quality products. 

After meticulously selecting the best ingredients, our team  begins the creation process with passion and attention to detail. We strictly follow recipes handed down from generation to generation, culinary treasures that carry with them a history of tradition and taste. Every step of the process, from assembly to craftsmanship, is performed with the utmost commitment to ensure that every product that leaves our laboratory is a quality product. Our dedication to artisanal production is reflected in every product we deliver to our customers and each element is carefully crafted, from appearance to aroma, ensuring a quality that is immediately recognizable in the extraordinary taste.

Product study and development

Our corporate philosophy is imbued with an ongoing commitment to innovation, creativity and development. We are dedicated to constantly searching new products and to improve existing recipes to ensure that everything we offer is a delight for our customers' palates. This research allows us to create a rotating range of products, capable of satisfying the tastes and preferences of our customers in an always fresh and interesting way. Also the improvement of recipes and the quality control they are an essential part of our production process: we work to perfect the flavors and textures of our products and make sure that the safety regulations and quality control. To ensure we gather valuable opinions about our products, we organize internal panel tests and we collect opinions directly from our customers: feedback helps us evaluate the success of our creations and make any improvements.

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