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Who we are

Rumori was born from the desire to offer a new culinary experience, in which innovation and tradition come together to bring to the table the pleasure of being together and the beauty of savoring a dish rich in flavour.

Rumori is a passionate, dedicated and constantly evolving company, always looking for new ways to satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers.

Our reality includes both welcoming restaurants and a production laboratory specialized in the creation of delicious and innovative "Polpette".


What we are is the fruit of all the work of our team: a team that collaborates daily with passion, creativity and craftsmanship.


An innovative idea for a traditional dish

Our cuisine is characterized by a particular product: the Polpetta

We offer a wide selection of meatballs, from classic traditional recipes to innovative options, trying to meet everyone's tastes and needs. Today we produce more than 20 types of meatballs: meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and sweet, also including some seasonal proposals.

Quality is at the heart of our business: we work with care and dedication to ensure that each meatball is an authentic delight for the palate.

“Each meatball is a delicious morsel prepared with care and skill. A meeting between taste and creativity”

Our philosophy

"It is the set of our values that guide our spirit and which represents the method with which we work. The union of the elements that accompany us in our choices with consistency, commitment and passion."


We support the idea of a place where all people can find a dish suited to their needs, where the flavors of our dishes combine with the pleasure of being together. We prepare our products with the raw materials that our territory of origin offers us and which are transformed into delicious dishes in our restaurants.

We are proud to promote a food product like Polpetta, which unites adults and children and which meets everyone's tastes thanks to the variety that we are committed to offering. In our dishes the main ingredients are our values.

Our values


Creativity in recipes


The desire to create dishes that are original in shape and taste, starting from selected raw materials. This choice encourages and reinforces the constant development of new products, seeking excellence in taste and appearance.

Quality of ingredients

We use select ingredients and controlled ingredients, in compliance with European regulations.

The laboratory is CE certified and follows the production methods established with the local health company and monitored using a specific HACCP protocol.

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Passion for cooking

Our work starts from the love and desire to rediscover and enhance the products of traditional Italian cuisine. Our team of chefs works daily animated by a spirit of research and constant attention to the product.

Territory as a starting point

Our cuisine searches for ingredients starting from the territory of origin, working alongside realities as close as possible to our company.

We try to enhance the history of local products and offer them with recipes rich in innovation.

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