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Rumori Ho.Re.Ca.

A key element for the growth and success of the company itself is represented by the commercial sector. 

Thanks to our range of gastronomic products made in the certified laboratory, we are dedicated to bringing what we create within the realities that choose to believe in us, thus satisfying the needs of consumers and our business partners.

From our laboratory to your realities

Over the years, our commitment to the food sector has been rewarded by the constant increase in our production, thanks to the trust and choice of more and more customers who have decided to believe in our brand and our products.

The attention to the quality of what we prepare and the dedication to satisfying the needs of our customers have allowed us to consolidate our presence on the market.

Thanks to this continuous support from our loyal customers and the acquisition of new business partners, we have managed to increase our production and commercial areas:

today we count 3 different trade lines and more than 300 customers throughout the Triveneto area, to whom we offer a constantly improved product.

How we distribute

We produce our artisanal products with care and passion, we receive orders from our customers and proceed with the packing and packaging phase for shipping

Shipping takes place with extreme care: We use safe and reliable packaging so that our products maintain their integrity during transport

Delivery of the order to the customer with the useful material for displaying the products. All our creations are immediately ready to be enjoyed

Our products

Artisanal Meatballs and Mozzarella in Carrozza




Nonna Nina






Cacio e Pepe





Mozzarella in carrozza




Our business lines

We have implemented various lines of trade suitable to satisfy the specific needs of those who collaborate with us, based on the characteristics of our products and the needs of each reality.


This product line is specifically developed to meet the needs of food industry businesses.

Tasty and easy to use products.


It offers a selection of products designed specifically for delicatessens and food shops.

The products allow you to satisfy customers, their different tastes and preferences.


Line designed to guarantee efficiency and quality to all those who rely on us to create unique experiences and satisfy customer requests in a professional way.


Are you interested in our products?

Send us your collaboration request 

Choose the busines line (s) you are interested in:


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