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Our realities
Restaurants and Laboratory


From Rumori Strani
to Rumori Polpetteria

It all began in 2014 with the opening of Rumori Strani in Treviso, a pub where most of the energy was dedicated to live music events, with a predilection for independent music. This inspired our name: Rumori Strani was in fact a contest for young musicians born in the 80s in Treviso.

In mid-2015, the idea of proposing a modern version of a traditional dish: the meatball was born.

Since then our offer has grown constantly, today in our premises we serve more than 20 types of meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and sweet meatballs, including some seasonal proposals.  

The new restaurant in Vicenza

Thanks to our commitment and desire to broaden our horizons, in 2018, we inaugurated another venue located in the center of Vicenza.

Rumori Polpetteria Vicenza it is the demonstration of an objective achieved: to re-propose our experience and our characteristic products within new restaurant environments.

Furthermore, in our premises we organize different types of events: live music, entertainment activities, art exhibitions, themed dinners, tastings and much more!


Rumori Laboratory

Also in 2018 we opened a CE certified laboratory for the centralized production of products, which today represents a constantly growing and primary important activity.

The history of Rumori Laboratorio it is a testimony of passion: thanks to commitment and ambition, the company's development has opened up new opportunities and exciting challenges.

We have found a new space for growth in the world of distribution implementing different lines of trade which represent an exciting challenge in which we invest daily with the entire team and work areas of the Lab.

Rumori Ho.Re.Ca.

Given the new perspective of centralized production, we have decided to launch new lines of trade, with particular attention to the Ho.Re.Ca world. for which a selection of our products is intended. Thanks to a growing commercial network, we currently collaborate with more than 300 customers selected in the Triveneto area.

The quality and authenticity of our products have led to distribution agreements and partnerships that have consolidated the brand's presence in restaurant activities.


"A story that tells about us, our changes and future prospects. Where tradition and innovation meet to guarantee an unprecedented culinary experience."

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