About Us

Our story began in 2013, with the opening of “Rumori Strani” in Treviso, a pub in which most of the energy was dedicated to live music events, with a preference for independent music, and this is what inspired our name. Rumori Strani was in fact the name of a contest for young musicians born in the 1980s in Treviso.


In mid-2015, however, the idea was born of proposing a modern version of a dish of our tradition: La Polpetta (the meatball).

Since then our proposal has grown constantly, to date we serve more than 20 types of products: with meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and desserts, including some seasonal recipes.



From the success of the first restaurant, in 2018 we opened a CE certified laboratory for the centralized production of the products and we inaugurated a new restaurant in Vicenza.


Thanks to a growing commercial network, we currently collaborate with more than 100 selected customers in Veneto Region. 

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Address | Via Martiri della Libertà 28/a 31030  Dosson di Casier (TV)

Tel | 0422386361

Mail | rumoristrani@gmail.com

P.IVA  | 04631810266

C.F.    | FRNDRN65C66L407B


Address | Corso SS. Felice

e Fortunato 63, 36100 (VI)

Tel | 0444205769

Mail | rumori.vicenza@gmail.com

P.IVA | 04152880243

C.F. | 04152880243